Cotuit-Santuit Civic Association

History of the Association

The CSCA was started around 1980. It was formed primarily as a vehicle to keep Cotuit Village residents informed of important issues that affected them and the pressing issue at the time was a new well.

The organization was important to the village as a sounding board and place where residents could feel heard. The three women who were instrumental in CSCA’s roots were Mimi McConnell, the water commissioner, Jaci Barton, head of the Barnstable Land Trust (BLT) and Rika Henderson, also with the Barnstable Land Trust.

In the early 80s the CSCA became a vehicle for educating the village about an impending sale of Crocker Neck to developers. The CSCA held monthly meetings at Freedom Hall to keep the village informed. An informative, and persuasive slide-show was created by Kevin Mullaly about the importance of preserving the Crocker Neck property. Through these extraordinary efforts, the organization was successful in getting the village and the Town of Barnstable to agree to raise taxes to buy the land for the Town.

In the 90s, the CSCA was instrumental in enacting regulations to keep the harbor from being overrun by piers and moorings. Also, the association started Candidates and Budget Night to help prepare villagers for the annual Cotuit Fire District meeting. The CSCA put in place an annual meeting between the Executive Board and Town of Barnstable leaders to discuss Cotuit’s specific concerns. It also became involved in organizing non-political events, relieving the Fire Department of the burden of putting on the 4th of July Parade and Christmas in Cotuit.

(Sources: Mimi McConnell, Jaci Barton, Rika Henderson, Stewart Goodwin, Rob Padgett, Richie Boden)

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