Cotuit 4th of July Parade Registration & Information

After lengthy discussion, the Executive Board of the Cotuit-Santuit Civic Association has unanimously decided that the Fourth of July Parade will not be held this year.  We do not make this decision lightly, as we recognize how much the Village enjoys this annual celebration marking the official beginning of the summer. However, as we reflected on the crowds that always line the Village streets for the event – estimated at as many as 14,000 last year – we realized that the risks of exposure presented by that many in such close proximity were simply too high to accept.   If there were going to be a Parade, we would need to begin the process of making arrangements and undertaking commitments in the next weeks.  We do not believe that we will have any greater clarity on the situation in that time frame, and so reached the unhappy conclusion that we cannot have the Parade for 2020.

We look forward to the return of happier times for a Parade in 2021.



20 Fife and Flags15 Cotuit Library

40 Commodores Truck28 Shopping Cart Ladies


Photos courtesy of MaryJo Boden