Annual Meeting

The 2020 Annual Meeting of the Cotuit-Santuit Civic Association was held on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 via Zoom.  

At the meeting,  four members of the Executive Board were elected for three-year terms.  The electees are Jim Dannhauser, Tom Burgess, Lallie Lloyd and Philip Odence.  The first three named individuals were previously members of the Board, and their existing terms had expired.  Mr. Odence is a new member; a brief bio for him follows:

Philip Odence spent the summer after his birth at his grandparents’ home on the corner of Main Street and Nickerson Road and has been in the village every summer since. He and wife Beth are now full time residents on Old Shore Road. He’s been an active racer with the CMYC for over 50 years and is involved with the Historical Society. Philip also spends a lot of time running, painting, writing, gardening and playing guitar with local band Cape Jazz. And, otherwise, he works for tech company Synopsys, leading a global business that consults on technology mergers and acquisitions.

The Executive Board wishes to express its deep gratitude for the years of service that Chris Gargiulo and Seth Burdick have rendered to the Association for many years.  Chris has decided not to stand for re-election given the press of his other responsibilities.  In addition, Seth was recently elected to the Prudential Committee of the Fire District and has as a result resigned from the Executive Board.  The Board has elected Bryan Horsley to serve the remainder of Seth’s term.  A brief bio for Bryan follows:

Bryan grew up in Harwich and graduated from high school there in 1999. Bryan is certified sea kayaking instructor and worked seasonally for a decade guiding clients through Pleasant Bay and Nauset Marsh with a friend’s business called Explore Cape Cod. A graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Bryan has lately worked with the Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC) as the Restoration Technician where he assisted with ecological restoration projects including stormwater improvements, tidal restoration of salt marshes, stream and wetland restoration and freshwater pond restoration. He continues to work on such projects as well as the maintenance of Cotuit skiffs for Conrad Geyser.