Association Meetings

The Civic Association periodically holds meetings covering topics of general interest. Information concerning meetings of  2022, which have been held on a hybrid basis, follows:

The meeting of October 18, 2022, at which representatives of the Conservation Law Foundation discussed the serious problems associated with nitrogen loads in Cape Cod bays and estuaries and an ongoing regulatory process involving possible changes to Mass. DEP rules regarding septic systems and their contribution to this issue can be accessed here: Passcode: jywq1V.8

The meeting of September 20, 2022 could not be recorded due to connectivity issues.  The meeting entailed a discussion regarding the Local Comprehensive Plan update process being undertaken by the Town of Barnstable.  Representatives of the Town Planning Department were in attendance and received significant input from Villagers in attendance regarding the issues facing Cotuit.  Information about this ongoing process can be found at

The meeting of August 16, 2022 was not recorded.  This meeting featured the election of four members of the Executive Board as well as a discussion by representatives of the Cotuit Water Department concerning their source water protection efforts.

The meeting of July 19, 2022, at which a presentation was made regarding the ongoing offshore wind projects currently in process that land in the Town of Barnstable can be accessed here: Passcode: MQ!b64Qm

The Candidates and Budget Night meeting held on May 17, 2022 can be accessed here: