Association Meetings


The Civic Association periodically holds meetings covering topics of general interest.  The meetings in 2020 have been held by Zoom.  Recordings of those meetings are available at the following links:

The recording of the July 19,2021 meeting which featured a discussion by the Board of Water Commissioners of potential rate structure changes and regulations aimed at reducing overuse of the drinking water supply is available here:


The recording of the June 21, 2021 meeting which provided a discussion of the building expansion plans of the Cotuit Federated Church is available here:

The recording of the 2021 Candidates and Budget Night is available here:




Candidates and Budget Night – June 16, 2020:

Discussion with Town Councilor Grassetti:


Presentation by  Zee Crocker of Barnstable Clean Water Coalition on Alternative Septic Systems:


Presentation by Association to Preserve Cape Cod on Storm Water Management: