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Candidates and Budget Night

Save the date: Typically held on the third Tuesday in May before the Cotuit Fire District Election Day and the Cotuit Fire District Annual District Meeting (ADM).

A big part of the Civic Association’s mission is to educate the citizenry on issues facing the Cotuit Fire District. It’s important to equip voters to intelligently cast their ballots and participate in the Annual District Election and ADM, which is a town meeting style, process.

For over a decade, the Association has organized Candidates & Budget Night. It is your opportunity to meet the candidates for District offices: Prudential Committee, Fire Commissioners, Water Commissioners, and Moderator. In addition, Cotuit Fire District officials walk through the proposed operating and capital budgets for the forthcoming fiscal year and any warrant articles that will be voted on at the subsequent annual meeting. The full membership of the three boards, along with the District Treasurer, District Assistant Treasurer and District Clerk, are available to answer questions from the audience about the budget and other CFD matters. All candidates running for office make a presentation and answer questions, too.

Recent Candidate & Budget Nights have been held online, which has worked particularly well for viewers to review the budget numbers. This has also allowed the Association to make recordings available to Villagers who can’t make the scheduled meeting.

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