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Cotuit Elementary School Vote – May 4, 2024

On May 4, the Prudential Committee will hold a Cotuit Fire District Special District Meeting so that villagers can vote on proposed articles for what to do with the Cotuit school property.

The Prudential Committee proposal is to demolish the building.

In order to offer Cotuit residents an informed choice, a group of villagers have added an article that would commission a professional study to examine all possible options for the property—including rehabilitation of all or part of the building for other uses, such as recreation, village offices, community meeting space, a community center, or demolition. Funds for such a study were already approved by a District vote in 2021; it is likely that only a portion of those funds will be needed to fund a study thorough enough to allow villagers to make a fully informed decision about what is now a valuable Cotuit asset.

You must be present to vote on these articles. The meeting will be held at the Community Hall of the Cotuit Federated Church on Saturday, May 4 at 1:00 p.m.

Additional reading for the Special District Meeting:

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