Cotuit Currents Submissions

C o t u i t C u r r e n t s

February 23 2016

Publication Schedule for Submissions

The following schedule of dates represents the last dates upon which your submissions
must be received and the date each month’s Cotuit Currents newsletter will be at the Post
Office and delivered. Should there be any changes to these schedules you will be notified.
The schedule for October through the end of the year will be published at a later date.
All organizations are urged to submit their event information as soon as it is available but no
later than the “Submission Dates” listed below. All effort will be made to include your
information but submissions after this date will be included at our discretion.

If you have any questions about the dates or your submission please contact Theresa Egan
at or 508-420-5845.

For Example, events planned to occur between April 17th and May 15th
should be included in your submission due no later than April 7th.
Last Date Submissions Accepted April 7th For Events After April 17th
Last Date Submissions Accepted May 5th For Events After May 15th
Last Date Submissions Accepted June 2nd For Events After June 12th
Last Date Submissions Accepted July 7th For Events After July 17th
Last Date Submissions Accepted August 4th For Events After August 14th
Last Date Submissions Accepted September 1st For Events After September 11th
October – December TBD